How to Make a List or Payoneer Account. Previously I’ve discussed in several articles Payoneer. This time I will share how to register and create an account so that you are constrained Payoneer when activating PayPal can make Payoneer as other solutions for payment systems and online shopping tool. With Payoneer list, you will get a free Payoneer account and a free bonus of $ 25.

Payoneer is a financial services company based in the United States precisely in New York City that provides online money transfer services and e-commerce payments. Payoneer provides Payoneer Master Card to users around the world for online transactions and debit card services reliable for businesses, freelancers, individuals and professionals who work online.

Payoneer account of the account holder can receive or withdraw funds to a local bank account or e-wallet and Payoneer they will send you a physical card plastic direct your home so that it can be used to withdraw money directly at ATMs around the world bearing the MasterCard. when you apply for Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard, you actually get a USA Bank account and they give you a MasterCard transaction. It is 100% free of charge and free bonus plus $ 25.

Essential guide before applying for a card

  • Fill your actual details, such as your first name, last name.
  • Type your name and date of birth in accordance with the ID card, passport or your driver’s license.
  • Fill in your date of birth ID card, passport or driver’s license.
  • Enter your home address correctly if different from your home address.
  • Enter your home address correctly.
  • Enter your phone number or your phone number.
  • Remember the question and answer security, this security question will be asked when you contact the Center
  • Customer Service Payoneer Payoneer account or when you are in trouble.

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How to Register and Make Payoneer Account

Follow the step by step guide below to get a Payoneer Account & Bonus $ 25. There are three steps to get a Payoneer Card.

Note: Please feel free to register with the link below, if not, you will not get a bonus of $ 25 from Payoneer.

1. Visit the website of Payoneer via the following links ⇒ to sign up for a FREE Payoneer account and start using Payoneer’s global payment over the world!

Click on the website link I included above Payoneer to Sign up for Payoneer Account. (If you want to get a $ 25 bonus, click the link provided and if not then you will not get the $ 25 bonus.) A new window will open the site Payoneer.

2. Click on the “Sign-Up & Earn $ 25 *”.

Vcc gratis payoneer

3. You will see the four steps to complete the registration form and the first step “Getting Started” please fill in all fields correctly (Individual account type for personal, content first and last name, email address and date of birth) and then click “Next”.

Daftar Payoneer

Step two “Contact Details”, please select the country (Indonesia), address, ID card and office address or a place to stay if you do not live in the house of origin. Fill in the city, zip code and your phone number.

List Payoneer 2

Step three “Security Details”, please use a strong password and easy to remember (one character, one uppercase and letters at least 5). Select a security question and remember your answer. Fill in the country and type in the number of your identity (ID card, passport or driving license).

List Payoneer 3

Step four “Almost Done”, select the personal account, the bank is the country of origin, your bank account. Bank account name, account number and bank branch code number 4. And check the option agreement and the agreement price and cost. If you have please click on the button “Sumbit”.

List Payoneer 4

Congratulations! Form filling step for Payoneer Account Registration has been completed.

Account activation with Payoneer Card

Now wait for the approval of Payoneer, it will take 1-2 days for approval, once approved you can order a physical card Payoneer to be sent to you according to your shipping address. By clicking the “Order a Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard”.

Payoneer card order

It takes about 20-40 days to arrive, I received a card up to 1.5 months.

The next step is the activation of the account and your Payoneer card and it did when you received the Payoneer cards in your hand. Follow the instructions as stated in your Payoneer card envelope paper.

Payoneer activation

If you have received a Payoneer card, you can view the status of approval and delivery by logging into your account, enter your user name and password, then click Login.

Payoneer login activation

To view the status of your Payoneer account, please click on “View your status and activate your card”.

Payoneer activation 1

When you receive a card, click on “Activate” and then click on “Card Activation”.

Payoneer activation 2

Enter your 16 digit card number and the secret code 4 digit PIN Payoneer your own choice (this is important as a password pin when withdrawing money with Payoneer cards at ATM machines or to pay in a shopping mall). Accept cookies policy and then click “Activate” Now you are already active card ready for first use.

Payoneer activation 3

Congratulations, You Have Been Enabled Cards. And save or make sure you always remember the 4-digit PIN of your Payoneer, because the PIN is used when you want to take money from Payoneer account using Payoneer MasterCard card at an ATM.

Note : List of the links below, if not, you will not get a bonus $ 25

You can use this card in a variety of mostly large banks in your country . And ATM bank where you can use the logo for a Payoneer MasterCard. And even if you do not have an account with a bank account, to the Payoneer card you can still withdraw money and with Payoneer card you can withdraw money as long as it is sufficient, for example $ 25. Unlike when you withdraw the funds directly into your local bank account that is required to have a minimum balance of $ 50.

However, keep in mind that withdrawing money when you have a lot of money, because there is also the cost of transactions, the Bank sizable Tax of $ 3. And always check your balance directly via your Payoneer account online, do not examine it from an ATM machine, there will be a fee of 1 $ of the total balance just to check your balance.

And that’s the complete guide how to register and create an account Latest Payoneer, please follow the step by step guide on correctly. And start using Payoneer as an online payment tool that is easy and profitable for your business. Hopefully this article useful for you and good luck. 🙂